Our Solutions

Expert in glove boxes / glovebox workstations for Research, Industry and in pharmaceutical isolators, Jacomex has developed a wide range of products and equipment to meet standard needs as well as the most specific requests… Made in France!

Pharmaceutical Isolators

Pharmaceutical Isolators: Containment Isolators – EPO Cytotoxic Isolators – Anaerobic Isolators

Nuclear glove boxes

High protection glove boxes and integrated processes in tailor-made containment enclosures

Purified Glove Boxes

Custom-made, modular glove boxes, under neutral gas <1PPM of O2 – H2O

Gas Purifiers

Autonomous inert atmosphere monitoring systems <1PPM of O2 – H20

Additive Manufacturing

Process integration in confined environments under neutral gases

Spare Parts

Accessories, instrumentation and process equipment that can be integrated into our systems

Suggestions: O2 gas analyzers, gloves for gloveboxes, glovebox filters


Glove box Accessories, instrumentation and integrable process equipment

Spare Parts

Spare parts and consumables for the upkeep and maintenance of installations

Our Latest News

Let’s Talk about Organometallic Chemistry in Ax-Les-Thermes! 

Our Sales Engineer for France had the pleasure of traveling to the Southwest of France this week to attend the GECOM-CONCOORD Toulouse, as part of...

Did you just say “powders”? 

Glove boxes play a crucial role in protecting operators while handling sensitive substances across various sectors such as nuclear, pharmaceutical,...

Jacomex is taking another step towards sustainability

We're delighted to announce that Jacomex is taking another step towards sustainability. The installation of photovoltaic panels on 3300m2 of the...

Back to the 80s! 

Last week, during a visit to a client, we discovered a little piece of history: a Jacomex glove box from the 1980s, still operational! Essential for...

Switching to vertical for more safety and efficiency! 

At Jacomex, we are proud to present a radical improvement in our assembly workshop : the installation of vertical cables!  No more cables and...

Visit to LEPMI Grenoble

We had the opportunity to visit one of our customers in Grenoble, camera in hand Over the course of an afternoon, we learned more about their...

Behind the Scenes at Jacomex

Let's dive into the heart of the design process of our custom-made products at our engineering department. This is where it all begins for our...

Have you ever seen… a lifting frame ? 

For specific projects, our clients sometimes make a special request: to position their glove box on an adjustable height stand! An option designed...

A look back at the Halide Perovskite Days – JPH

A look back at the Halide Perovskite Days - JPH, organized from April 3rd to 5th in Aix-les-Bains, France, by the National Institute of Solar...

Special April Fools’s day at Jacomex 

We invite you to dive into the day with a touch of creativity and humour. For sure, you've never seen such an atypical containment vessel! To kick...

Global Presence

With over 15,000 installations in more than 60 countries, JACOMEX has built up long-lasting and trusting relationships with its local partners.

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