Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of gas should I pick for a purified glove box?

The glove box should be supplied with inert gas with a 2 bars pressure. Normally, the inert gas… Read more

Does the oxygen sensor require maintenance?

The oxygen sensor encloses an electronical galvanic cell which offers excellent properties in terms… Read More

How can I detect a failure on my glove box?

The glove boxes equipped with a touch screen include an active fault visualization ; for instance… Read More

What happens in case of power failure?

If a power failure occurs on the glove box ; all the electrovalves automatically shut so that the… Read More

Is the vacuum pump essential to the pressure regulation of the purified glove boxes?

No, the vacuum pump is not essential to the pressure regulation of the purified glove boxes as it…Read More

Should the exhaust gases of the purified glove boxes be collected through an extraction network and how?

The connection of the glove box exhaust gases to a network is optional. The glove box functioning… Read More

Are the PURE glove boxes’ oxygen and moisture concentrations recorded?

The PLC records the reactor’s oxygen, moisture, pressure and temperature values. Each value is… Read More