Equipment for Glove Box

Glove boxes and isolators are used in a wide range of applications requiring specialist equipment, hermetic wall feedthroughs, technical integrations, or customizations.

Glove boxes allow the use of materials in research, development and production while guaranteeing the waterproofness of the glove box. They preserve the functional integrity of laboratory equipment, measurement and characterization instruments, tools and robots … under the conditions specific to each glove box or containment enclosure box.

Jacomex is an expert in gas purification designed for the removal of H2O and O2. We have developed a wide range of purification units operating in ” Continuous Energy Saving” mode to cover most needs and meet the most demanding requirements.

Some options are optimizations are for protecting your installation against the risks of corrosion, to improve its internal cleanability, to overcome ESD risks, and finally to ensure the safety of operators.

Jacomex’s corporate culture is based on values derived from our experience: bringing authenticity to our boards, offering realistic technical solutions, ensuring the reliability and sustainability of our facilities, and assisting you effectively on a daily basis.



We adapt our products and technical solutions to your project complexity. The integration of a standard instrumentation can be delivered using a standardized modular glove box such as a GP(concept), G(box) or G(safe).

The interfacing or installation in a glove box of more sophisticated machines, presses, industrial ovens, robots … will require an involvement of our design office to develop your tailor-made solution.

Particular attention will be paid to dimensions, ergonomics, mechanical resistance or the risks of temperature variations.
Our R&D and Innovation department also develops equipment to:

  • Secure your workspace,
  • Improve handling ergonomics and comfort,
  • Optimize operations and processes in and around glove boxes.