G(Safe) Glove Box

High Security Glove Box

A very reliable and safe glove box in a vacuum under filtered air for operator and environnement protection. Custom plans developed according to your requirements.



Possible Applications

  • Nuclear: radiation protection
  • Industry – Research: CMR, toxic, nanoparticles

High Security Glove Box

Standard and custom-made glove box for applications requiring enhanced operator protection, in the nuclear sector or any other field of industry and research.

The high-security glove box is generally proposed in a monoblock type design with rounded corners facilitating the cleanability or decontamination of internal surfaces. Ideally, it is equipped with a Jacomex regulating and safety valve guaranteeing its automatic depression maintenance as well as a safe air speed in case of glove tearing.

The G(Safe) glove box is a glove box operating under filtered air vacuum. Many equipment and options can be proposed to make a glove box with a level of security corresponding to all your expectations. Our expertise allows us to assist you in the choice of control valves, safety systems, particulate or gas filtration, transfer systems … to secure all your manipulations.

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