Jacomex: A Technology Company and a Committed Team

Ancien logo de Jacomex
Ancien logo de Jacomex

Our History

Jacomex was created in 1945…and now has 75 years of experience and a unique expertise to share. Jacomex aims to deliver perfection in the mastery of sealing and a real expertise in gas treatment and analysis, containment and safety. Jacomex is a company at the cutting edge of technology with human, dynamic employees at the service of their clients.

Our Mission

Jacomex’s mission is to accelerate technological innovation in the world of containment to enable its clients to be better protected.

The team is proud of the projects carried out that are often world firsts in the industrial sector.


Our Authenticity

Jacomex has been the only dedicated historical manufacturer of glove boxes for nearly 80 years.

Our expertise places us as a technological leader on the world market.


ISO 10648-2 Standard Maker

Jacomex is an uncompromising defender of waterproofing.

Jacomex is at the origin of the implementation of ISO 10648-2, the only internationally recognized standard that classifies containment systems according to their watertightness. As early as the 1970s, the company actively collaborated with the French nuclear authorities in the establishment of a French tightness standard (Afnor M62200) and manufactured under CEA license the Oxyfuit device for testing glove boxes. The company campaigned at the end of the 1980s in the development of the ISO 10648 standard to maintain rigorous standards, particularly Class 1, compared to the much less demanding German DIN 25412 standard. Today, almost all Jacomex glove boxes are excellent Class 1.


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1. Together

In 2019, the Jacomex team worked on an aeronautical project of Titanium welding integrated into a jet engine production line. All the departments involved in this project are represented: sales, preliminary design, technical, design office, conception, production, assembly, project managers.

On a daily basis, participatory exchanges happen at all levels between all departments. A positive work atmosphere and professionalism deliver greater satisfaction of our clients.

2. Team

Jacomex is also about teamwork with mutual assistance, training and learning. 10% of our workforce on average over the last 5 years was made up of apprentices to train the generations of tomorrow.

Equality in the workplace is an essential principle for the Jacomex team and we are committed to employing as many women as possible in our industrial sector. At the present time, our equality in the workplace index cannot be calculated as we do not currently have enough female members of staff to qualify for the index, even though the number of women in the team has more than doubled over the last two years. We have now obtained 35/45 points this year as a result of this increase which is a reflection of our “equal pay and jobs for all” policy.

3. Training

Every year, all employees meet to share news about the company, training, feedback, and have a positive experience together.

4. Celebrate

Jacomex staff participate in team events where they can exchange, create links, help each other with:

Go-karting, golf, skiing…

Organigram Jacomex


Jacomex is an organization that is as teal as possible, allowing each employee to take his or her place and to be empowered. The empowerment model does not mean unorganized, because the Management Committee ensures that each project is properly monitored.


184 Avenue du Bicentenaire
Zone Les Prés Seigneurs
01120 Dagneux – France

Made in France

All of our products are designed and manufactured in France