Anaerobic Cell Growth – Definition and Process

Laboratory Glove Boxes and Containment Enclosures

Anaerobic cell growth requires the use of a glove box to avoid contact with the ambient air. The glove box is therefore necessary in research and experiments involving cell growth.

The equipment provides a working space in which the atmosphere is purified and controlled. This makes it an essential tool for research on anaerobic bacteria. What is cell growth and what are the advantages of using a glove box for it? The answers can be found in this article.

What is cell development?

Cell development is a biological technique used to develop cells outside their original environment or organism. This practice is carried out as part of a scientific experiment. Anaerobic cell growth is widely practised in the field of microbiological research. The environment for cell growth must be free of oxygen. It is therefore essential to use equipment that can meet these conditions.

For example, microorganism cultivation requires an oxygen-free isolation medium. This optimises the proper development of the cells. In the case of strict anaerobic bacteria, their development is complex and specific bacteriological techniques must be applied from collection to culture. For their collection and transport, it is imperative to use blood culture, i.e. two flasks, one without oxygen and the other with oxygen are inoculated. For research or phenotypic studies, the use of a glove box is essential.

The usefulness of cell growth

The cultivation of strict anaerobic bacteria in the absence of oxygen or ambient air is crucial. Their collection, transport and culture are technical constraints that require suitable isolation equipment.

The advantage of anaerobic cell growth in a glove box is that it is possible to examine the culture directly. Different samples can be introduced into the glove box, depending on its characteristics and capacity. An atmosphere suitable for hypoxic cells, tissues or micro-aerophilic organisms can be created.

The use of a glove box for anaerobic cell growth

Jacomex specialises in the design and manufacture of containment tools and technologies. We offer glove boxes that can meet your experiments and the strict constraints of anaerobic cell development. Among the containment tools we have developed, we can offer you three models of gloveboxes: the PureSmart (formerly GP Campus), the PureMod and the PureEvo (formerly GP Concept).

The PureSmart (formerly GP Campus)

The PureSmart is a glove box with a high performance <1 ppm O2 self-contained purification unit. It is designed to reproduce a protective or development-specific atmosphere. It is recommended for academic research, applications requiring a controlled atmosphere for conventional uses.

The PureMod

The PureMod is a modular glove box equipped with a stand-alone purification unit <1 ppm O2. It is recommended for experiments in chemistry, physics, biology or industrial applications. Its extended performance and modularity make it a popular model for a wide range of applications, especially in anaerobic culture.

PureEvo (formerly GP Concept)

The PureEvo is a premium glove box with a stand-alone purification system <1 ppm O2. This model can offer optimal safety for anaerobic cell growth and includes a wide range of additional equipment. The PureEvo is also available in a version with a highly cleanable working volume. This model is available in standard and custom sizes.

The Pure glove box range

Depending on the model, the atmospheric conditions can be set to control the temperature of the atmosphere and the residual oxygen level, ideal for anaerobic cell growth. Air conditioning and/or humidity control can be provided to lower or control the humidity level.

Each model of glove box is of robust design and is specially adapted for the most varied applications. The equipment is designed and manufactured in France by qualified personnel and benefits from a brand new touch screen control interface.

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