Anaerobic Chamber for the Indian Market

Anaerobic chambers are specialist technical equipment that allows the manipulation of microorganisms in the absence of oxygen. In India, for example, scientists in microbiological research need this type of station. Free of oxygen, the chamber allows the cultivation of microorganisms during research on anaerobic bacteria. During the research process, the latter are perfectly protected and isolated.

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Anaerobic Chamber Usefulness for the Indian Market


The anaerobic chamber is one of the best options for the Indian market, that is one of the leaders in the pharmaceutical field. In the country, scientists are carrying out research requiring the incubation of anaerobes, which are bacteria that can live without oxygen. These bacteria can cause infections such as gas gangrene, mixed infections and poisoning.

The use of a specific chamber, also known as an anaerobic chamber, station or incubator or Freiter’s chamber is therefore of paramount importance. This equipment has all the necessary conditions for researchers to be able to cultivate these strains. Gas mixtures (N2, h2, etc.) are used to create anaerobiosis. The oxygen content of the internal atmosphere of the chamber is then of the order of zero percent.

The temperature inside the anaerobic chamber can be controlled by the operators, depending on the conditions required for incubation. Components, integrated in the chamber, allow monitoring the evolution of the microbial culture inside the Petri dishes. These components make it possible to avoid any anaerobiosis rupture.


Microbial Culture in an Anaerobic Chamber


Due to the complexity of the culture of strict anaerobic bacteria, specific bacteriological techniques are indispensable from their collection to their culture. In general, their transport and collection is carried out by blood culture. That is to say, by seeding inside 2 vials, one is oxygen-free. For phenotypic studies or other types of research, the use of an anaerobic chamber is necessary to culture them.

Incubation may take several hours or days, in blood agar media, in a 37-degree ambient air oven. The design of the anaerobic chamber allows direct examination of the incubation. Several different samples can be introduced into an anaerobic chamber, depending on its characteristics and capacity. For example, it can create an atmosphere suitable for hypoxic cells, tissues or micro-aerophilic organisms.

An anaerobic chamber is equipped with sleeves, as in the case of a laboratory glove box, simplifying handling without interrupting anaerobiosis. Its advantage is the superior anaerobic quality. In other words, samples benefit from increased protection.


Jacomex – Anaerobic Chamber Designer and Manufacturer for India


There are many manufacturers of containment systems. Concerning anaerobic chambers, in particular, Jacomex is a recognized as a leading French expert. It offers 2 product ranges: the GP(Concept) and the GP(Campus). These anaerobic chambers are dedicated to strict anaerobic experiments and meet the needs of researchers in India. The GP(Concept) can be used as an anaerobic chamber. It is versatile in purification <1 ppm O2. It offers increased safety for operator and product protection. The GP(Campus) has a compact <1 ppm O2 purification unit integrated. In academic research and other fields, it allows common applications requiring a controlled atmosphere.

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