Anaerobic Incubator

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In microbiology, it is essential to use an anaerobic incubator which you can use during your microbiological research.

It is a piece of equipment which enables you to keep your work away from the ambient air. The anaerobic station plays an important role in research on anaerobic bacteria. An oxygen-free environment is essential in the cultivation of these microorganisms.

The anaerobic incubator protects and isolates them during the research process. Discover the characteristics of this equipment in this article.

The Anaerobic Incubator


The anaerobic incubator is one of the most suitable solutions for the incubation of anaerobes. Bacteria can cause infections such as mixed infections, poisoning and gas gangrene and can live in an oxygen-free environment.

The anaerobic incubator is a specific chamber, also known as a Freiter’s chamber, enclosure or anaerobic station. The equipment combines all the conditions suitable for the cultivation of the desired strains. Gas mixtures (N2, H2, etc.) are used to create anaerobiosis. In the classic incubators on the market, the internal oxygen level reaches O%. In Jacomex chambers it is common to produce a high quality strict anaerobic atmosphere < 1ppm O2 (0.0001% O2) without gas consumption.

Your operators can control the internal temperature of the incubator, depending on the required incubation conditions. The equipment incorporates components to prevent anaerobic breakdown. These components allow you to see the evolution of the microbial culture inside each Petri dish.


Anaerobic Incubator Specificities


During microbiological research, culture failures are frequent because of the complexity of the culture of anaerobic bacteria. During sampling, culture and transport, anaerobic conditions must be strictly respected in order to prevent the risk of negative anaerobic cultures.

Here are the specificities of the anaerobic incubator:

  • It is equipped with a gas purifier that replaces oxygen with another gas mixture gradually. The gas mixture is adapted to the development of the cultured bacteria.
  • The incubator is equipped with temperature controllers. In general, after a few days, the anaerobic culture becomes positive at 37 °C.
  • It allows you to read each dish directly and individually without breaking anaerobiosis. You can extend the incubation to several days in the absence of growth.
  • You do not have to introduce samples at the same time thanks to sophisticated transfer systems. You can introduce them into the anaerobic incubator as you go, which will maintain anaerobiosis.


Different Anaerobic Incubators Offered By Jacomex


We are able to offer highly secure and efficient anaerobic incubators, whether you are working in a laboratory, research center or institute. We can examine your project and analyze your specifications. Leakage and gas control is our core business, which allows us to offer you different kinds of anaerobic media, with adjustable and variable oxygen content (from 1 ppm to 10 % or more).

Jacomex’s main goal is to provide you with technical solutions adapted to your applications, whether it is the culture of anaerobic, microaerophilic, capnophilic bacteria, etc. We offer anaerobic chambers, such as the PUREEVO, PUREMOD and the PURESMART, whose internal atmospheric conditions can be parameterized.

You can control the temperature of the anaerobic atmosphere and the rate of oxygen depletion, depending on the type of culture you want to grow. To save you time, we can integrate interfaces, automation functions and other options into the anaerobic incubator. We offer equipment that is comfortable to handle, ergonomic and robust, designed to adapt to various applications and last over time.

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