Biosafety Cabinets for Pharmaceutical Industries

Biosafety Cabinets for Pharmaceutical Industries

Pharmaceutical preparation cabinets must be perfectly sealed in order to protect any handled products from the risk of external contamination. This type of equipment is more efficient and less expensive than clean rooms.

Hermetic enclosures designed for pharmaceutical preparation offer an aseptic working space under a controlled atmosphere. The operators, the products and the environment are therefore perfectly protected in these conditions.

Why Use Pharmaceutical Preparation Cabinets?

Pharmaceutical preparation cabinets are containment spaces widely used in the pharmaceutical and medical environment. Their use is necessary to store, package, characterize or handle products. Handling can be done with the help of gloves placed on the transparent wall. It is also possible to introduce or remove pharmaceutical preparations, or to dispose of waste, using the transfer systems which are integrated within the hermetic enclosure. All of this is done under aseptic conditions and in a contained manner.

Pharmaceutical preparation cabinets are designed to meet two important requirements: containment and product transfer.


In the pharmaceutical field, a hermetic enclosure allows pharmaceutical preparations to be contained. These preparations require an aseptic zone which must be protected from microorganisms that could alter their quality. The enclosure designed for pharmaceutical preparations guarantees the separation of personnel, the environment and the preparation area. It prevents cross-contamination to and from these areas. It is a technology that achieves a much higher level of containment than a traditional cleanroom. In addition, the hermetic enclosure incorporates a particularly effective decontamination system. In general, the enclosure offers maximum protection to pharmaceutical preparations by using THE (very high efficiency) filters.

Product transfer

The atmosphere must be preserved and containment must be maintained, even when the introduction or extraction of pharmaceutical preparations is being carried out. This preserves them from contamination. The transfer system plays an important role since the removal or introduction of products is simplified, while respecting the asepsis of the working environment.

Many optional accessories can be integrated within the hermetic pharmaceutical preparation cabinet.

Advantages of Pharmaceutical Preparation Cabinets

Pharmaceutical preparation cabinets offer many advantages:

  • Provide a much better aseptic environment than sterile clean rooms.
  • Lower operating costs compared to sterile cleanrooms
  • Prevent contamination of the external environment or the operator in the event of faults, regardless of whether the pressure is positive or negative in the main chamber.
  • Ensures continued sterility in accordance with current regulations and standards.
  • Are effective for procedure validation, aseptic preparations or processes, etc.
  • Incorporate options and software to facilitate various controls and monitoring.

Sterility and leakage checks, as well as setting and recording of humidity, pressure and temperature are facilitated. The data collected can be used when the competent authorities carry out inspections.

The pharmaceutical preparation cabinets are less expensive and take up less space. This reduces the cost of upgrading. Operating costs are also reduced as they do not require extensive maintenance and servicing. They can be tailor-made to meet the individual needs and requirements of pharmaceutical preparations and processes.

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