Characterisation in a controlled atmosphere chamber

Characterisation in a controlled atmosphere chamber

Characterisation in a controlled atmosphere is an essential step in the development of advanced composites and materials. It is very common in new technologies, aeronautics, microelectronics, future reactors and in energy conversion.

Characterisation in a controlled atmosphere chamber verifies the new functionalities of these materials and composites at each stage of their development.

Jacomex Controlled Atmosphere Characterisation

Advanced materials requiring characterisation in a controlled atmosphere include nanomaterials, composites, biomaterials, hybrid and carbon materials and functional materials. A controlled atmosphere, free of oxygen and humidity, is essential to analyse their physico-chemical properties.

Jacomex has integrated surface analysis and characterisation instrumentation such as scanning electron microscopes (SEM), Raman spectroscopy, thermogravimetric analysis, XPS analysis, atomic force microscope (AFM), TOF-SIMS analysis, etc…

As early as the research and development phase, the samples produced must be analysed to verify their reliability and resistance to atmospheric agents. A controlled atmosphere chamber creates a stable and reproducible environment, without humidity or oxygen, and preserves the characteristics of air-sensitive materials.

Climatic glove boxes can also be designed, in which the operator can reproduce atmospheric conditions (usually humidity and temperature), or subject devices, such as glasses or electronic components, to an extraordinary or excessive environment to test their reaction or resistance.

The G(Box) regulated glove box, developed by Jacomex, is the best equipment for characterisation in a controlled atmosphere chamber.

The G(Box) regulated glove box

Jacomex has designed the G(Box) glove box. It is suitable for all industrial or scientific applications requiring a controlled atmosphere. We manufacture it in standard or custom sizes. The G(Box) is modular and can be configured according to the requirements of your processes and experiments under gas.

The equipment integrated within the G(Box) allows you to adjust, in both directions, the temperature, oxygen, humidity and pressure control parameters. It is possible to humidify, dry or heat the atmosphere, generate cold and control CO2 or O2 levels.

The G(Box) climate chamber can be configured for :

  • Temperature: heating and/or cooling ;
  • Humidity (%RH): drying and/or humidification;
  • Development of perovskite photovoltaic cells (PSC).

The oxygen level can be adjusted to prevent the risk of explosion or flammability of chemicals or powders.

The G(Box) is also used in the world of research, where it is used to characterise processes and analyse physical and chemical properties.

Mosquitoes” project for the IBGMC Strasbourg Insectarium

In collaboration with the CNRS, Jacomex has designed special climate chamber lines. They allow for the safe study of the life of mosquitoes and the transmission processes of diseases carried by these insects (Zika virus, dengue, malaria).

Gloveboxes are a protective barrier with safety locks, allowing the breeding, growth and study of the complete life cycle of mosquitoes until their death after virus incubation.

Custom designed as climate chambers, the Corian glove boxes recreate a tropical environment controlled for temperature and humidity. These conditions, which are favourable to the development of insects, with alternating day and night cycles, allow the experimental processes to be carried out correctly.

Jacomex can therefore adapt to your field of expertise and your needs. We can offer you innovative solutions for characterisation in climatic chambers. Do not hesitate to contact us, our teams are available to answer all your questions.


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