Custom-made solutions with Glove Boxes

Special configurations ranging from heavy machinery integration to material (for instance, if bulky material is passed through the vacuum chamber), space or ergonomic constraints; require customized glove boxes.

Jacomex Design Office assists you for the glove box definition and develops the drawings (special dimensions, connections…).

Functional models can also be produced and/or tests performed in Jacomex show room on demand.

Feel free to contact us to get more information on Jacomex offer!

Customer Cases

CEA Grenoble

Clients: Mr. Gillia and Mr. Lemoine

Application: Glove box dedicated to the assembling of hydrogen storage prototypes by hydride materials. These materials must be protected from air to preserve the hydrogen absorption properties while preventing pyrophoricity problems.

CEA Marcoule

Client: Mr. Gobin

Application: Glove box dedicated to receive technologic equipments (calcination and analytical means oven) ; to carry out studies on manufacturing processes and technology.


Clients: Mr. Hebert

Application: Glove box equipped with a large volume vacuum chamber dedicated to weld planes’ piping.

CEA Grenoble – LITEN

Client: Mr. Amiran, Components Laboratory for the Micro-Storage of the Energy (LCMS)

Application: Special shape glove box for the integration of a vacuum container.


Client: Mr. Hetier

Application: Glove box with tailor-made design.


Client: Mr. Bravais

Application: Glove box coupled with a press allowing to store solid form hydrogen.

Our Clients

Many clients from different industries have trusted Jacomex to design and manufacture their glove boxes, isolators and air purification units.

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