Glove Box for the Indian Market

Are you looking for a specialist in glove box for the Indian market ? In many pharmaceutical and medical fields, the use of a glove box is indispensable. This kind of device is able to create a controlled and confined atmosphere to ensure the safety of operators, the environment and products.

For process development or experimentation in the nuclear, energy, medical and pharmaceutical sectors, a safety glove box is essential, especially when processes require containment. The atmosphere inside a glove box is perfectly pure, hermetic and in some cases vacuum packed. With is glove box, processes and operators are protected from any contamination, ambient air and possible projections, radiation, etc.

Glove Box in Controlled Area

Glove Box Applications in India


The handling of air- or water-sensitive, toxic, radioactive or volatile products is unavoidable, especially in the field of scientific research. The handling can only be completely safe inside a glove box. Perfectly usable in India with your standards, this device is equipped with airtight walls inside which the atmosphere can be controlled.

A glove box consists of a main chamber, protective gloves, one to several transfer airlocks, automatic safety flow and sensors and regulators. Generally, its internal pressure is slightly lower or higher than atmospheric pressure.

On the transparent sides, gloves are hung to allow access to the work surface inside the enclosure.

The transfer chamber allows substances/products to enter and/or leave the chamber. It avoids the risk of leakage during handling and guarantees the continuity of the containment. Safety systems as well as regulators are integrated into this equipment in order to ensure a maximum level of safety.

The glove box has many applications in the industrial sector. It can be used in aeronautics, titanium and laser welding, microelectronics, nuclear power, food processing, petrochemicals, 3D printing, additive manufacturing, etc. In the synthesis of chemical products or in the manufacture or industrial production of objects/products, the glove box is one of the indispensable devices.

Two types of glove boxes can be used depending on the containment conditions required for the process and the type of products to be handled: a glove box for containment in an inert atmosphere and a glove box for handling hazardous substances.


Glove Box that Meets the Indian Standards


It is essential that the glove box meets the standards in force, depending on its class. It is also crucial that it is comfortable to use, ergonomic and, above all, efficient. Some manufacturers, such as Jacomex, offer professionals the possibility of customising the speaker’s accessories and technologies.

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