Glove Box with Oxygen Sensor – Jacomex India

Glove Box with Oxygen Sensor - Jacomex India

Using glove boxes with oxygen sensors is necessary for processes that can only be carried out in a controlled or confined atmosphere.

In India, scientists need this technical equipment to protect the operators, the environment and the products handled. In order to secure the process, the glove box must have different components.

Applications of a Glove Box with Oxygen Sensor by Jacomex India


In the medical and pharmaceutical field, in industry, in the nuclear and energy sectors, in R&D and in many scientific fields, glove boxes with oxygen sensors are indispensable. In India, for example, it must be used by scientists to handle, experiment with hazardous/sensitive products or develop processes.

Perfectly hermetic, the glove box offers optimal protection for operators and products. It avoids any contamination and protects the products from the ambient air. The pressure inside the glove box is at a level above or below atmospheric pressure, depending on the specific requirements of the process.

Operators can work in complete safety. The safety devices are triggered automatically when anomalies occur.

For example, when handling radioactive, toxic or volatile substances, materials sensitive to the ambient air or active ingredients, the glove box is an indispensable device. Thanks to its transparent walls and the cuffed or upright gloves, the operator’s work is more easier.


Glove Box Components


A glove box has different components in order to function properly and these components each have a specific role.

  • The main chamber

The operator’s work area is the main chamber of the glove box. The glove box must be equipped with one or more work surfaces, the transparency of which provides better visualisation during handling. Handling is carried out inside the main chamber, which is both protective and hermetic.

  • One or several transfer airlocks

At a minimum, a transfer airlock must be available on a glove box. When the latter is of a higher range, it may have several. Sophisticated, this system is very useful when it is necessary to introduce instruments or products into the main chamber. The transfer airlocks thus prevent the rupture of the containment. It is sometimes preferable to have one airlock for introduction and another for exit on some glove boxes, depending on the application.

  • Protective gloves

Mounted directly on the support rings positioned on the work face, the protective gloves allow individual protection of the operator. The operator must use them when handling materials, samples, compounds or products.

  • The automatic safety flow

When glove boxes are used for personnel protection, they must have an automatic safety flow. This is because the system automatically compensates for any pressure drop that may be caused by a break in containment or an accidental leak, such as the tearing of a glove. This prevents the confined atmosphere from escaping from the glove box.

  • Sensors and regulators

Different types of materials or substances can be used for a specific project, depending on the specific requirements. The chemical composition of the enclosure can be adjusted according to the necessary conditions for handling these products. Temperature, pressure, etc. can be adjusted by means of regulators. A glove box also works with sensors to check the oxygen and humidity levels.

The oxygen sensor in particular is very reactive. It can therefore detect pollution or accidental leakage during product handling. Different models of glove boxes, including those manufactured by Jacomex, can be equipped with an oxygen sensor. These glove boxes can, moreover, be used by scientists in India.

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