Humidity Controlled Glove Box

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When conducting a scientific experiment, the use of a humidity controlled glove box is necessary.

Indeed, some products and substances are hydrophobic or oxidize in contact with ambient air, thus influencing the result or the experimental process. The glove box not only avoids humidity during the experiments, it is also a device allowing the various products to be manipulated under a controlled atmosphere.

The Need for a Humidity Controlled Glove Box


Some products used in a glove box require low humidity or a completely anhydrous environment. This is why a humidity controlled glove box is necessary.

In biology, this equipment provides an ultra-clean, anaerobic and anhydrous working environment. The humidity-controlled glove box is essential in R&D and in the production of battery materials. In the field of TIG, resistance, laser and plasma welding, the glove box is also an equipment that must be prioritized.

The humidity controlled glove box has diverse applications including use in the nuclear industry, fine chemicals, and moisture reactive alkali metals such as lithium or sodium, production and development of medical supplies, development and production of super capacitors, development and production of new functional materials.


Characteristics Of A Humidity Controlled Glove Box


This glove box is manufactured for applications where it is necessary that the humidity is controlled below ambient conditions. It provides the operator with access to a protected area with protective gloves attached to its walls while the operator can use sophisticated transfer systems to introduce the substances or products and the instruments necessary for their handling.

The humidity, pressure and other conditions of the glove box can be regulated. The device is ideal for the containment of hazardous substances and for applications requiring a pure and inert atmosphere.  High-tech industries, such as pharmaceutical and medical, nuclear, research and development, aeronautics, etc. prioritize its use because of its high performance and the optimal safety it offers.


The Perfect Glove Box Model for your Needs


Different types of glove boxes are available on the market. However, for optimal protection, a controlled atmosphere and the use of sensitive, oxidizable, pyrophoric or hygroscopic products, a humidity controlled glove box is the best device.

It provides containment in an extremely pure and inert atmosphere. Traces of solvents, oxygen and humidity are eliminated by means of a purification system under nitrogen or argon.

We offer custom-made glove boxes for specific or additional requirements of the process. However, standard glove boxes, dedicated to common manipulations in industries, laboratories, aeronautics, etc. are also available.

During the handling, experimentation or production of all dangerous, sensitive and/or toxic products and substances, operators are required to have individual protection throughout the operation, despite the fact that the humidity-controlled glove box ensures increased safety and high performance.

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