Inert Glove Box used for Weighing and Mixing Molten Salts

Laboratory Glove Boxes and Containment Enclosures

Technological and scientific advances in recent years have accentuated the need to handle sensitive chemical compounds under controlled conditions. One of the areas requiring such precision is the weighing and mixing of molten salts. An inert glove box is an essential piece of equipment for guaranteeing safety and precision during these operations.

Jacomex, with its expertise in glove box design, offers solutions adapted to the most demanding requirements of research and industry, by proposing an inert glove box used for weighing and mixing high-quality molten salts.

What is an Inert Glove Box and Why is it Crucial for Handling Molten Salts?

The inert glove box is a hermetically sealed enclosure fitted with gloves that allows substances to be handled inside, while protecting them from the outside atmosphere. It provides a controlled environment, generally under an atmosphere of nitrogen or argon, guaranteeing the absence of water and oxygen. This stable environment is essential for handling molten salts.

Molten salts, in their liquid state, can be highly reactive with moisture or oxygen in the air. Handling them in the open air can therefore lead to undesirable and even dangerous chemical reactions. In addition, the accurate weighing and mixing of these salts requires a stable environment to ensure the purity of the final product. So, by using an inert glove box for weighing and mixing molten salts, researchers and manufacturers can ensure that the molten salts remain pure and intact, while guaranteeing optimum safety for operators.

Jacomex Innovations: a Fusion of Quality and Performance

At Jacomex, we understand the complex requirements of research and industry. From the outset, we have been committed to offering solutions that combine quality, reliability and performance. Our range of inert glove boxes is testament to this ambition.

Each glove box we produce is the result of close collaboration between our engineers and our customers. We take into account the specific needs of each project to offer tailor-made equipment. Whether for a standard application or a special request, we ensure that our products meet the most stringent standards, while being simple to use.

What’s more, we’re proud of the ‘Made in France’ label. It symbolises Jacomex’s commitment to offering first-class equipment, manufactured with meticulous attention to detail and a passion for excellence.

Why Choose Jacomex for your Inert Glove Box?

Handling molten salts requires the very best in equipment. When you choose Jacomex, you’re choosing a company renowned for its expertise and ability to meet the most demanding requirements.

We offer much more than just equipment. At Jacomex, we offer a partnership. We support you throughout your project, from the design phase through to installation and user training. Our after-sales service is also at your disposal to ensure optimum use of your inert glove box.

When you call on us, you benefit from the assurance of a quality product, designed and manufactured in France, as well as a dedicated team, passionate about its work and always ready to listen to your needs.

The inert glove box used for weighing and mixing molten salts is an essential tool for the safe handling of these substances. And to guarantee unrivalled performance, Jacomex is your ally of choice. With our tailor-made solutions, our expertise and our commitment to quality, we are ready to support you in all your projects.

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