Inert solvent – Definition and Purpose

Inert solvent - Definition and Purpose

An inert solvent is a solvent with organic compounds, which is used for the dissolution of reagents.

An inert solvent has no chemical reaction with the dissolved compound. Solvents can have many classifications, depending on the chemical nature of the compound, its physical-chemical properties, its polarity, its toxicity, its origin and its sector of use.

Purpose of Inert Solvents


Inert solvents are widely used when processes or products must be confined in a controlled atmosphere. This atmosphere can be created with the help of a glove box, especially when the product reacts with the components of the atmosphere (oxygen, water). A glove box is a device that provides a working environment that protects the product being handled and prevents any contact between it and the atmosphere.

Before the solvent is introduced into a glove box, it must be purified beforehand. The purification of the solvent is crucial, especially when handling products that are particularly sensitive to oxygen and air. In order to avoid any disturbance of the purity of the atmosphere inside a glove box, the drying of certain solvents is necessary. The slightest trace of humidity can, in fact, constitute an obstacle to manipulations or experiments.

The glove box used to handle these products must be equipped with a purification system. This allows us to obtain a completely deoxygenated and anhydrous solvent. The solvent purification system must be under an inert atmosphere.


Why use a Glove Box?


The main chamber of the glove box has transparent walls with integrated handling gloves. The number of these gloves can vary depending on the needs of the workstation. Using the transfer lock integrated in the glove box, samples, parts or tools required for the manipulation can be introduced.

Safety components must also be integrated within the glove box to ensure that it functions properly. The use of a glove box is necessary in several sectors (research and development, space and aeronautics industry, semiconductors, organometallic chemistry, etc.). Depending on the sector using the hermetic enclosure, the containment conditions can be variable. Regulators are used to control the working environment.


Design of a glove box for the use of an inert solvent


Jacomex develops and manufactures glove boxes with solvent purification and trapping systems. The company also creates solvent purification units. The needs of new markets are very specific. This is why every model created by Jacomex is tested and validated.

Jacomex’s products are intended for laboratories and the chemical or physics industry. The company also offers innovative solutions to sectors using glove boxes. It applies the best techniques to maintain the purity of the glove boxes created while thinking specifically about reducing their operating costs and facilitating their maintenance. The company’s creations, especially the glove boxes, are tested and produced in accordance with the standards in force to ensure the safe use of inert solvents.

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