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A negative pressure isolator (or vacuum isolator) is a containment device that creates an atmosphere which differs from the ambient atmosphere.

This difference guarantees the protection of the environment, the handling and the operators.

Typically designed to operate under negative pressure, the isolator is used to secure various research applications and production processes. It is important to note that it is necessary to understand how a vacuum isolator works before using it for your projects and applications.

What is the Operating Principle of an Isolator?


The vacuum isolator is hermetically sealed and integrated within the plant to ensure the separation of ambient conditions from the environment. To achieve this, the device is equipped with a completely sealed compartment in which the atmosphere is monitored and controlled by means of regulators integrated on the installation. A purification system, eliminating oxygen and humidity, secures the process for isolators that must operate in a controlled ultra-pure atmosphere.

The isolator has one or more transparent sides equipped with handling gloves that allows the safe handling of products, still substances, without risk of propagation of harmful products in the environment or contamination. Products, materials or protected objects often have to pass through an airlock that guarantees the quality of the atmosphere without breaking the confinement.

The internal pressure of the vacuum isolator is lower than the atmospheric pressure. The vacuum isolator is designed to protect the environment and the operators. Its ventilation system extracts the ambient air from the room and the air is channeled to a duct at the isolator outlet. Hazardous materials or particles are trapped in filters and cannot be released into the environment or come into contact with the operators.

Which Negative Pressure Isolator to Use?

Jacomex offers a model of negative pressure glove boxes, adapted to the strict requirements of medical and pharmaceutical processes. Jacomex is a world leader in the design and manufacture of containment solutions for various sectors. The company produces a high safety vacuum isolator under neutral filtered gas.

The Jacomex G(Iso) vacuum isolator can be used for various applications such as the weighing and repackaging of hygroscopic toxic powders, the manufacturing of dental and surgical implants, pharmaceutical R&D and quality control and the handling of active ingredients, cytotoxics and chemical synthesis. Operating in a vacuum, this model offers protection to the operators as well as protecting the product thanks to its operation under neutral gas.

Moreover, the temperature of the isolator atmosphere can be regulated while the same applies to oxygen and/or humidity. To guarantee maximum safety, it is possible to monitor gas emissions, the chemical composition of the environment and any leaks.

The isolator is designed for use in any process in the medical or pharmaceutical sector. However, the company also offers standard, modular or custom-made devices that can be accessorized depending on the constraints and requirements of each project.

Jacomex, Unique Expertise

Jacomex, unrivalled expertise Thanks to its 75 years of experience, Jacomex has never ceased to innovate in order to provide containment tools specific to each application.

Our purification units and isolators for research and industry are entirely developed and manufactured in Lyon. We have sold and installed our equipment in over 60 countries, in fields as varied as nuclear, research, pharmaceuticals, medical, additive manufacturing, energy and organic electronics.

We work to the standards specific to each field of application, and invest in research and development to bring you the latest innovations.

Don’t hesitate to contact us: our experts are here to meet your needs.

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