Boat and Robo(a)t

29 Jun 2023Company, Event

Lyon is a wonderful city, and we made a point of showing it to our distributors when they made the trip to France for our Distributor Sales Seminar.

So what better way to showcase the City of Lights than with a lunchtime boat cruise along the Saône river ?

From morning to late afternoon, our distributors attended presentations, and were able to put their knowledge into practice thanks to business study cases, which gave rise to great team cohesion.

A special guest was also present on the boat for the day… the Virtuose Robot from Haption ! It aroused the curiosity of our distributors and the Jacomex collaborators as well, and everyone was able to test this haptic device, which enables robotic manipulation in a confined environment, while admiring the landscape.

Thanks to the Bateaux Lyonnais for the cruise !

Thanks to Jean-François de SALLIER from Haption for coming to the event and the robot introduction !