JACOMEX, the intransigent defender of tightness

8 May 2020Company

ISO 10648-2 Standard for Containment - Glove Box

JACOMEX is behind the implementation of ISO 10648-2, the only internationally recognized standard which gives a classification of containment enclosures according to their tightness.

In the early 70s, the company actively participated with the French nuclear authorities in establishing a French tightness standard (Afnor M62200) and manufactured under CEA license the Oxyfuit-device enabling the testing of glove boxes.

End of the 80s, the company had to fight hard in the development of the ISO 10648 standard to maintain a certain strictness, in particular the class 1, facing the German standard DIN 25412, much less rigorous. Today almost all JACOMEX glove boxes are excellent class 1.