Mini Chambers at Jacomex ?

12 Jan 2024Application, Company

These miniature chambers are nothing other than equipment designed for the cosmetics market. Does that seem surprising to you? It can be understood, as it is a sector quite distant from nuclear or even the batteries industry🪫. However, they are indeed part of the devices designed and marketed by Jacomex.

On one side, we have tube testers. These are used in R&D to assess the resistance, under the most extreme conditions, of the packaging of your favorite toothpaste or mosturising cream, ensuring customer satisfaction and product quality. It is also possible to add a pressure gauge option to measure the internal pressure of the tubes.

Then, on the other side, we have vacuum chambers. Their purpose is to control the sealing of closures for metal-plastic pots and tubes by pulling the chambers into a vacuum, allowing verification of the sealing system directly on a production line.

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