Smartmatlab: Bridge Between Research and Industry

20 Apr 2015Company

The new SmartMatLab Center of the University of Milano, for the development and experimentation prior to the application of advanced and intelligent materials ; has been inaugurated in presence of key actors of the University of Milano Chemistry Department, the ISTM-CNR, the Region of Lombardy (Italy) and the Cariplo Fundation.


Lombardy, the Cradle of Chemistry


Favoured and funded by the Region of Lombardy and the Cariplo Fundation, the SmartLabMat is at the heart of an industrial partnership project for the development and innovation of the Chemistry, therefore confirming the European center position occupied by Lombardy and Westfalia (Switzerland region) in this field. The SmartLabMat is one of the first project promoted along with the industrial project Bioplant, dedicated to the development of food packaging polymers.

« It is a complete research and education program –explains vice president of the University of Milano, Chiara Tonelli – of skills upgrading for high school teachers and access to new technologies for the industrial branch. Chemistry is paramount for our region, I think that a university-industry projection is crucial. »


Knowledge Pool


More than 60 researchers from the Chemistry Department and ISTIM-CNR are associated to the SmartMatLab and exploring three research axis:

  • Advanced organic and inorganic materials synthesis for the preparation of ultra thin films, functional surfaces and devices, and material for energetic devices (organic and inorganic solar cells);
  • Material and devices characterization including pre-application tests;
  • Interpreting and modelling through rethorical calculation to optimize projection.

The main objectives are the technology transfer to companies, also through joint researches, and staff training to new technologies.


Jacomex Glove Boxes at the Heart of the SmartMatLab


Within the frame of this project, Jacomex has supplied a chain of two glove boxes GP (concept) with Kenosistec evaporator integration dedicated to the development and tests on advanced and « intelligent » materials (new organic and semi-organic semi-conductors, polymer conductors, luminescent materials, photocatalyzers, photosensitizers).