Clément DESCHAMP, our new great export business development Padawan, currently finishing his master’s degree and in training at Jacomex, did not hesitate a second and was enthousiastic about the idea.

This is how Clément and Christopher Dane, we participated in the onsite assembling and commissioning of this line of 4 nuclear gloveboxes from the G(safe) range, and its associated ventilation system. All under the supervision of our experienced installation technician Stéphane Nurdin. the installation took 2 days, during which we also integrated future user equipment and instrumentation within the gloveboxes, with which they will perform different analyses on liquid effluents and other radioactive materials, thus the use of lead glass shielded front panels.

The third day was dedicated to the user safety training, glovebox operation and periodic maintenance operations.

We also enjoyed, like a treat, a visit of the very vintage control room of the Vinca reactor at Vinca Institute of Nuclear Sciences.

We want to thank our customer for their business and to thank the onsite team for their warm welcome!