You’ve been waiting for it, and here it is!

6 Mar 2024Application, Company

V2.0 of the Core 8 and Core 10 purification systems now includes an On/Off switch of the vacuum pump!
It will now be possible to remotely control the vacuum pump, directly from the touch screen of the glovebox, to vacuum the airlock.

For those of you who are not yet familiar with our purifiers, let us explain how they work in a few words : they are remote enclosures, connected to the glovebox. Their job is to purify the air in the glovebox by removing moisture and/or oxygen with a pure neutral gas (nitrogen, argon, or pure mixes).

The Core 8 is fitted to the PureSmart glovebox, with a purification capacity of 36L O2 & 1000g H2O. The Core 10 comes with the PureMod. Its purification capacity is 45L O2 & 1250g H2O.

And to limit their impact on the environment, the energy-saving mode is included on all our purification units so that they consume as little energy as possible!