Nuclear Safety Valve

Nuclear Safety Valve

The presence of a nuclear safety valve on a glove box is crucial when radioactive products are handled. The integration of this equipment into a containment system allows the containment to perform a safety function.

The safety valve ensures increased protection of personnel and the environment. Any radioactive contamination that could result from the process is thus eliminated. Jacomex has been designing safety valves for several decades. Find out more about this equipment in this article.

Why use a Nuclear Safety Valve?

The nuclear safety valve is most often integrated in a glove box under vacuum with argon or nitrogen, under a controlled purified atmosphere and an isolator under vacuum with neutral gas. Generally, it is found in typical nuclear applications to secure handling.

Working as a valve, the nuclear safety valve eliminates any risk of contamination from outside the glove box. Thanks to a hermetic flap, it preserves the tightness of the gas circuit and the enclosure. In case of accidental malfunction or leakage, it ensures a safety flow through an accidental opening. Dry contacts can be used to trigger an alarm to a safety station.

The Jacomex nuclear safety valve is a diaphragm valve, with a mechanical system that does not require an electrical connection. It is normally closed and gas tight. It is possible to have an alarm in case of a fault.

Jacomex Expertise

Jacomex has developed a particular know-how in the field of containment technology. We design and propose containment tools dedicated to several sectors. Various equipment, accompanying the glove boxes and isolators we manufacture, can also be proposed.

Among these equipment, we can mention the nuclear safety valves. They are present today in many nuclear centers in France as well as throughout the world. Our nuclear safety valves have many qualities: safe operation according to the pressure of the glove box, reliability over time, responsiveness.

The safety provided by Jacomex nuclear safety valves is attracting more and more interest from other non-nuclear industry players who need optimal safety for their personnel and the environment during handling.

Various fields use our company’s nuclear safety valves to effectively secure their installations: cytotoxics, experiments on pathogenic samples and microorganisms, fibers and CMR substances, use of carbon nanotubes, nanotechnologies, weighing and repackaging of powdered materials, powder processes…

We assemble and test individually each valve manufactured on our site in Lyon. Each nuclear safety valve is then certified according to the ISO 10648-2 standard.

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