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In a production, research, quality control or packaging process, a positive pressure isolator is most suitable for protecting products and when handling under an inert atmosphere is required.

The isolator prevents the air in the room from spreading inside the containment area by separating the work area from the ambient atmosphere.

Positive pressure isolators are generally used in the pharmaceutical-medical, research and development sectors.

Operation Of An Overpressure Isolator


A positive pressure isolator is essential to ensure the containment of product handling in a clean and/or sterile atmosphere. The pressure level in the main chamber is higher than the atmospheric pressure.

In order to control the atmosphere or to create a pure atmosphere, all traces of solvents, oxygen and water are removed by purification devices in argon or nitrogen. The addition of an ISO 5 laminar flow may be imperative for microelectronic, medical, nanotechnology and pharmaceutical applications. This provides a particle-free atmosphere, an atmosphere with a controlled dust level depending on ISO 14644-1.

Even in the case of micro-leakage, atmospheric compounds (moisture, oxygen) cannot enter the enclosure. The isolator makes the handling of sensitive products safer.

The isolator is equipped with one or more pairs of handling gloves that are attached to the transparent sides. This ensures the comfort of the users and makes handling possible without breaking the containment. The transfer lock that equips the isolator allows samples and products to pass through while preserving the integrity of the atmosphere inside the enclosure.

In the event of a malfunction or anomaly, safety systems minimize the risk of contamination by triggering automatic processes to protect ongoing manipulations and operations. The overpressure isolator is most often used for characterization, formulation, quality control, dosing, packaging, synthesis and other industrial and/or scientific applications.


Different Models of Jacomex Positive Pressure isolators


Expert, recognized worldwide in the field of isolators, neutral gas purification units and glove boxes, Jacomex offers different models of overpressure isolators. The isolators we offer combine high safety, ergonomics and comfort of use. Our isolators are adapted for use in all applications of product protection or handling in overpressure. Jacomex is particularly specialized in new technologies using biotechnologies and pharmaceutical anaerobic atmospheres.


The G(Box) Isolator Model


Fully modular, this model is adapted for use in all applications requiring particular atmospheric conditions. It is a climatic chamber in which humidity, temperature and oxygen are automatically regulated and adjusted depending on needs.


The PUREEVO Isolator Model


This model guarantees a high level of containment performance for the protection of handling and is fully modular. It is specially designed for R&D and industry, especially during processes with integrated equipment, instrumentation and machinery.

In order to better accompany you in the design of your isolator, we review and accompany your projects. We can also integrate equipment, additional robotic functions or accessories into your overpressure isolator.

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