Shielded Glove Boxes

Shielded Glove Boxes

The use of a biologically protected glove box, or shielded glove box, protects the operator from ionising radiation. This highly reliable equipment generally operates in a vacuum under filtered air.

The shielded glove box can be custom designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of its application. The hermetic enclosure, being shielded, is widely used in the nuclear industry, in research and in nuclear medicine for the increased safety it guarantees.

Nuclear and research application of the armoured glove box

Thanks to the level of security it provides, the shielded glove box is ideal for the research and nuclear sector. The safety equipment provides operators with enhanced protection against any risk of radiation. In the majority of cases, products that may present risks to handlers are used in the nuclear sector. This is the case for radioactive isotopes. This is why their handling must be done inside a high security glove box.

G SAFE: A model of shielded glove box

The G SAFE is a Jacomex glove box model that can be fitted with shielding. Generally, it is designed as a one-piece box. Decontamination and cleanability of the internal surfaces are easy due to its rounded corners. A safety and control valve is recommended to ensure that the glove box is automatically kept under vacuum. In the event of a glove being torn off, this device ensures a minimum safety air speed. The protection of operators and the environment is guaranteed by a safety flow rate that prevents any back diffusion of contaminated air outside the glove box.

The G SAFE glove box operates in a vacuum with filtered air. Jacomex offers a wide range of options and equipment. You will thus obtain a glove box adapted to the requirements dictated by your expectations, with a high level of security. Additional control, safety and filtration equipment can guarantee your operators comfort and reliability when handling hazardous products.

To ensure the safety of your handling in a shielded glove box, Jacomex can assist you in the choice of safety systems, transfer systems, gas or particle filtration, control valves, etc.

Jacomex: your armoured glove box designer

Jacomex is a recognised and essential designer for the nuclear sector and offers various ranges of customised containment systems. Safety and control valves are among the equipment we offer. Our experience in this field dates back over seven decades. We are your best allies for all your applications requiring the maximum protection of your operators and the environment. At our site in Lyon, our design office develops tailor-made installations. All of these installations have a level of safety that can be configured, depending on their applications.

With its background in the nuclear sector and its close relationship with the main players in the national and international industry, Jacomex is the ideal partner for the design and manufacture of shielded glove boxes and, more generally, containment systems for the nuclear industry. Depending on the process, Jacomex nuclear containments can be operated under air or neutral gas, but always under negative pressure. Thanks to modern production tools, installed in our boiler workshops, and to experienced professionals, you can count on us to offer you the best in terms of quality compared to what is done on the market for 304L or 316L stainless steel enclosures. Perfect surface roughness, careful welding, exceptional finish, perfectly designed decontaminability, ISO 10648-2 certified sealing.

The management of your project for the armoured glove box is personalised. We also provide specific controls during manufacture and acceptance tests on site, with the provision of a manufacturer’s guide.

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