Temperature and humidity controlled isolator

Laboratory Glove Boxes and Containment Enclosures

A temperature and humidity controlled glove box is an essential piece of equipment for the scientific, pharmaceutical and medical research and industrial sectors.

The handling of products that are reactive with ambient air components requires strict containment of the substances in a controlled environment. If the containment or humidity conditions are not respected, then the experimental process or its result can be altered.

Function of a temperature and humidity controlled glove box

The temperature and humidity controlled glove box is an essential piece of equipment when handling products that require either a totally anhydrous environment or an adjustable humidity level, with the temperature required by the process. The working environment it provides ensures reliable, stable and reproducible climate conditions.

In R&D, humidity control, in this case the total elimination of humidity, in a glove box allows the production of battery materials to be secured. As a physical barrier, the glove box also enables operations in the field of TIG, laser, resistance and plasma welding.

There are many applications of temperature and humidity controlled glove boxes such as the handling of alkaline metals, chemicals that are particularly reactive to humidity (lithium, sodium). The safe, humidity-free and mostly oxygen-free work area is also suitable for the production and development of supercapacitors, surgical implants and new functional materials in the vast energy sector.

Specifics of a humidity-controlled facility

The construction of the containment vessel has been specially designed so that temperature and humidity can be controlled easily and intuitively. Thanks to the humidity analyser, the on-board sensors and the integrated regulators, you will be able to monitor the different variables with precision.

The glove box is also suitable for applications requiring containment of harmful products and an inert, pure atmosphere. The high level of safety of the transfer systems allows for the safe introduction or removal of products, substances and instrumentation required for handling.

A wide range of glove boxes are available to provide a controlled atmosphere and to handle oxidisable, sensitive, hygroscopic or pyrophoric materials.

Our multidisciplinary technical expertise enables us to provide you with solutions adapted to your needs. All our services are carried out at our site in Lyon including design, manufacture, assembly, testing of glove boxes and technical validation.

The integrations and interfaces are designed and produced by Jacomex experts. The calculation and verification of thermal effects are handled by our design office, particularly when your installation is accompanied by industrial equipment, such as ovens, heating trays or ovens.

Your project will be designed and manufactured in France, by a passionate team, dedicated to innovation and high standards.

Jacomex, your expert partner

With over 75 years of experience, Jacomex has strived ceaselessly to innovate in order to provide containment systems specific to each application.

Our purification units and isolators for research and industry are entirely developed and manufactured in Lyon. We have sold and installed our equipment in more than 60 countries and in fields as varied as nuclear, research, pharmaceutical, medical, additive manufacturing, energy and organic electronics sectors.

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