Turnkey Glove Boxes

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By purchasing a turnkey glove box, you have access to a secure means of containment that meets your specific needs.

You can be sure that all the manipulations, processes, products and substances you want to use are safe from any form of contamination. All the strict constraints of the applications are respected in its design.

Why a Turnkey Glove Box?


A turnkey glove box is the safest way for you to secure your environmentally sensitive operations. Depending on its purpose, your containment can be carried out in a vacuum, air or neutral gas. This offers your operators and the environment a high level of protection. Your glove box can also be overpressurized under neutral gas to guarantee the protection of the products handled within the hermetic enclosure.

Your needs may also be dictated by the requirements of your industry. If you are in the research and development field, you can equip yourself with a glove box for welding, lithium battery development, chemical testing, and many others. The glove box provides you with a clean atmosphere, thereby allowing you to conduct your experiments safely.


Jacomex Standard Gloveboxes


Isolated environments are now essential for many research applications. Jacomex, a company specializing in the manufacture of glove boxes, isolators and containment systems, can design and manufacture turnkey glove boxes for all your projects. All of the company’s expertise in safety and sealing is put to work for you to design a ready-to-use glove box that provides a controlled environment while delivering maximum performance.

The performance of the company’s production tools enables technicians to guarantee the flexibility of all the projects entrusted to them, whether they are complex or classic. Jacomex’s priority is to provide a high level of handling comfort and ergonomics. The turnkey glove boxes manufactured by the company have various applications such as in industrial processes, nuclear industry, energy, the pharma-medical industry, additive manufacturing or research.

Jacomex has its own design office, qualified personnel and favors proximity to guarantee the success of your project, whether industrial or special. Your projects are personalized with plans and technical support and your glove box is designed depending on your requirements.

The turnkey glove boxes manufactured by Jacomex are designed in compliance with the standards in force: ISO 10648-2 standard (Methods and classification of glove boxes and containments depending on their leak rate), ISO 9001 standard (TÜV ISO 9001:2015 certification), GMP and CFR21 part.11 for pharmaceutical isolators.

If necessary, a maintenance service can be provided by Jacomex and customized maintenance contracts are also available. You can thus get answers to your questions concerning the replacement of spare parts, the maintenance of your equipment and the resolution of technical failures that may occur. Technicians can also intervene to ensure curative or preventive maintenance of the equipment.

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