3D Printing in Glove Boxes – Jacomex Range of Products

D Printing in Glove Boxes - Jacomex Range of Products

The additive manufacturing industry, commonly known as 3D printing, has grown exponentially in recent years. This revolutionary technology has applications in a wide range of sectors, including aerospace, medical and many others, requiring the use of a variety of metal powders such as titanium, aluminium, alloys, stainless steel and superalloys.

Faced with these developments, the safe and efficient management of materials is becoming a major challenge. It is in this context that the Jacomex range of glove boxes and containment systems is positioned as an essential solution.

Additive Manufacturing and its Imperatives

In the additive manufacturing process, handling metal powders represents a major challenge due to their high reactivity and sometimes pyrophoric nature. Adequate containment of these powders is essential to prevent the risks of fire and explosion, and to ensure the protection of operators and the environment. In addition, controlling the atmosphere in the work area, particularly through the use of inert gases such as argon, is crucial to maintaining low levels of oxygen and humidity, thereby guaranteeing the quality of the parts produced and reducing the risk of oxidation.

Innovative Solutions from Jacomex

At Jacomex, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions to meet the challenges of additive manufacturing. Our gloveboxes and containment systems offer exceptional performance at every stage of the process.

Argon Containment

Jacomex enclosures are designed to ensure the safe containment of pyrophoric powders in a hermetically controlled environment. This feature is fundamental to preventing any risk of fire or explosion.

Gas management and recycling

Jacomex equipment incorporates an advanced gas management and recycling system, maintaining low oxygen and humidity levels to guarantee the quality of parts produced and the safety of operations.

Powder reconditioning

A key stage in additive manufacturing is the reconditioning of metal powders. Jacomex devices facilitate this stage, ensuring optimum preparation of materials before printing.

De-powdering after printing

The additive manufacturing process generates powder residues that are crucial to remove. Jacomex equipment is equipped with effective dust removal functions, ensuring that parts and printing plates remain clean.

Powder storage and recycling

Jacomex manages metal powders from start to finish. Their enclosures enable secure storage and efficient recycling of powders, helping to reduce costs and waste.

Clear Benefits of Jacomex Solutions

  • Maximum safety: safety is at the heart of our concerns. Our equipment guarantees hermetic containment and precise control of the atmosphere, minimising the risks associated with handling metal powders.
  • Part quality: the optimum conditions maintained in Jacomex containment systems result in the production of high quality parts, free from oxidation and contamination.
  • Operational efficiency: Jacomex solutions optimise operational efficiency, reducing costs and lead times through powder management, dust collection and recycling.
  • Environmental protection: by controlling and recycling gases and powders, we help to reduce the environmental impact of additive manufacturing.

Jacomex: a Leader in Additive Manufacturing

Jacomex has established itself as a trusted player in additive manufacturing thanks to its expertise and commitment to safety and quality. By providing high quality containment and environmental control solutions, Jacomex plays a key role in the evolution of the industry, enabling companies to explore new frontiers of innovation while ensuring their safety.

Jacomex’s range of gloveboxes and containment systems represent a significant advance in the field of additive manufacturing, offering complete and integrated solutions to the technical and safety challenges of this rapidly expanding industry. We stand out not only for the quality of our products but also for our commitment to supporting technological advances, ensuring safety, efficiency and sustainability in the additive manufacturing process.


Laboratory Glove Boxes and Containment Enclosures

The Jacomex PUREEVO glove box is an essential tool in the additive manufacturing or 3D printing sector, thanks to its customisable design and exceptional performance. It provides a perfectly controlled and pure environment, crucial for the precise handling of sensitive materials used in 3D printing. Its flexibility and modularity enable the easy integration of equipment specific to 3D printing, ensuring optimum preparation and processing of materials. Advanced automation and integrated purification systems guarantee a stable and safe atmosphere, essential for the quality and reliability of printed parts. In short, the PUREEVO is a complete solution for the specific and demanding needs of additive manufacturing.

See the PureEvo product sheet

G(mega) Glove Box

Industrial Containment Enclosure

The G(mega) containment vessel, developed to order by the R&D department, is proving to be a crucial piece of equipment in the field of additive manufacturing. Its fully modular design and ability to reach volumes of up to 150m3 offer unrivalled flexibility for the integration of robots and process machines, perfectly meeting the requirements of large-scale 3D manufacturing. This type of enclosure is particularly relevant in additive manufacturing, where rigorous control of the environment is essential. Indeed, the G(mega)’s ability to maintain a controlled atmosphere, combined with the P(sys)-IV systems for neutral gas purification, ensures a significant reduction in humidity and oxygen. This feature is crucial in preventing oxidation and guaranteeing the quality of the metal parts produced. In addition, the G(mega) meets the safety and efficiency requirements for complex industrial processes, making it an ideal solution for demanding and innovative additive manufacturing environments.

View the G MEGA product sheet

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