Glove Boxes for Product Protection

Product Protection

Many products require to be manipulated under maximum protection or controlled atmosphere.

Jacomex offers a range of inert gas purification overpressure glove boxes, GP(Concept) and GP(Campus), gas flushing, G(Box), or under filtered atmosphere, G(Iso), that specifically answer these requirements.

A large range of equipments dedicated among other things to cleaning, stocking and instruments integration, also allows you to adapt your working area according to the manipulations performed.

Different Glove Boxes for Product Protection

Modular glove box with autonomous purification unit <1PPM H2O – O2

Compact purified glove box <1PPM H2O – O2 for research and industry

Modular glove box in gas scavenging. Easy to use, low maintenance.

High security isolator under neutral gas filtered in depression or overpressure under filtered atmosphere.

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