Cold Well

Cold Well

Cold wells are mounted for storage or low temperature work in chemical or biology laboratories. In biology, they make it possible to rapidly cool living tissues in an anaerobic atmosphere in particular; in chemistry they are used during NMR experiments at low temperature or for molecular chemistry reactions under an inert atmosphere at low temperature with an ethanol bath previously cooled with liquid nitrogen, for example .


Technical specifications – Information

Technical data:

Stainless steel well welded into the floor
Non-protruding lid that adapts to the bottom of the glove box when not in use
Custom diameter and height
Adjustable dewar support depending on the model

A cold well consists of a cylindrical, stainless steel working volume welded into the floor of the glove box and a secondary insulated container placed outside the glove box. This secondary vessel, the dewar, is partially filled with liquid nitrogen or other coolant medium, and mounted on the projecting working vessel. The design is ergonomic and the dimensions (diameter – height) are made to measure in order to provide easy accessibility. 

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