(-/+) Pressure gauge

(-/+) Pressure gauge

(-/+) Pressure gauge

This is a pressure gauge for glove boxes used to protect operators and the environment (Gsafe), where fitting a pressure gauge with analog display is essential.

The pressure gauge allows users to check at a glance that the enclosure is under depression in relation to atmospheric pressure. With its precise graduation, it also allows the pressure in the enclosure to be correctly adjusted and the state of clogging in the HEPA filters fitted to the inlet and outlet of the ventilation circuit to be checked. Its extended range also makes it compatible for use in positive pressure (Gbox) or in an airlock which is purged by sweeping.


Technical specifications – Information

Technical data:

Pressure measurement and control of glove boxes and purgeable airlocks by scanning.
Double graduation in mbar and mm H2O for precise measurement and adjustment
Reference: “0” Relative ambient P.atm
Measuring range: -125 mm H2O /-12.5mbar to +125 mm H2O /+12.5 mbar
Mounted on adapted wall crossing

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