Did you know ?

3 Oct 2023Application, Company

Your smartphone, your car, even your electric scooter contain an indispensable element for its proper functioning: a battery. This can be of several natures: Lithium-ion, Sodium-ion, or even all-solid batteries.

Jacomex is involved in this sector and more specifically in the research and development of these types of batteries.

Why? Because some of their components absolutely must be handled within a controlled atmosphere.

And guess what? Jacomex produces confinement enclosures, also known as glove boxes, like our Pure range, which protects the product from contact with humidity, oxygen, and in the case of batteries, nitrogen.

For your quality controls, your assemblies at the research stage for industry, your manufacturing processes for thin-film batteries or even the dismantling of used batteries, Jacomex has the solution for you, offering you high-quality equipment made in France!

For more information : https://www.jacomex.com/application/energy/