Chemistry Glove Boxes

Jacomex offers a wide range of controlled atmosphere glove boxes (Nitrogen, Argon, Helium) for all chemical work in the industrial and scientific fields. Our chemistry glove boxes coupled with closed loop neutral gas purification units enable ultra-pure work spaces with low humidity and oxygen content (less than 1 ppm).

For common requirements such as chemical compound storage, weighing with precision balances and chemical synthesis, Jacomex’s standard or modular purified glove boxes are ideal and provide operators with an ergonomic and customizable work space. We create traditional storage spaces on adjustable stainless-steel shelves, but also other practical arrangements such as swivel shelves, telescopic shelves, double storage floors, and in-floor bottle storage systems. Other storage systems provide important assistance in the organization of the work surface, comfort in handling and optimal accessibility at all points of the glove box.

Glove Boxes for Chemistry Applications

Controlled atmosphere glove box for the protection of products < 1PPM H2O – O2

Glove box designed for controlled atmosphere processes < 1PPM H2O – O2

Glove box designed for research and industry for all applications < 1PPM H2O – O2

In both inorganic and organic chemistry techniques, the use of solvents is common practice and requires specific equipment to prevent the risk of corrosion or deterioration of the purification system components in contact with solvent vapors. We recommend that you install a large capacity and/or regenerable solvent trap when the glove box is intended for synthesis and catalysis work using solvents. In the processing and reaction of chemicals, transition metals and other organic compounds, especially in organometallic and coordination chemistry, all usual synthesis techniques can be easily considered, fractional distillation and vacuum filtration, crystallization, use of reflux condensers… Our hermetic wall feedthroughs allow the circulation of a coolant as well as the feeding of a vacuum line. Manifolds with multiple valves allow direct extraction in glove boxes of solvents previously purified in our P[Solv] solvent purification cabinets or other existing systems. Our -40°C freezer integrated in the glove box allows the storage of heat-sensitive materials as well as the implementation of crystallization processes. The laminated mineral glass work panels are incomparably resistant to solvent splashes and provide the best antistatic guarantees.

At the interface of chemistry and physics, our installations are commonly used in polymer chemistry, solid state chemistry and more generally in material science. Our glove boxes allow samples to be prepared in a pure, inert atmosphere for analysis by thin layer chromatography, physico-chemical and surface characterization by means of AFM, SEM, XPS… or even thermogravimetric TGA analysis. Jacomex takes care of the integration of scientific instruments used in chemistry and physics laboratories. We are in permanent contact with industrialists and chemistry-physics laboratories where our glove boxes allow electrochemical assemblies, electrochemical measurements and electrochemical characterization tests, in particular in the field of batteries, cells and accumulators.

The chemistry glove boxes remain above all work tools that enable extremely varied processes to be carried out. These processes can generate a significant amount of micro-waste that accumulates in the workspace and eventually degrades the quality of the manipulations. In order to keep your workspace clean and limit cross-contamination, our “rounded corners” version glove boxes are very useful.

The advantage of purified glove boxes is in their ability to maintain a stable protective atmosphere free of humidity and oxygen over the long term, without any particular maintenance. Thus, it is possible to guarantee the safety of users workstations under ultra-pure atmosphere, allowing safe handling and preservation of the intrinsic properties of the materials and chemicals used.

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