Glove Rings for Glove Box

Cylindrical glove rings

We have always designed our glove rings with quality, safety and durability in mind. Whether in stainless steel or polymer or other materials, they are manufactured to meet European standards or specific standards for the nuclear sector, for example.


Technical Specifications

Technical specifications of the Glove rings:

Polymer: PP-POM
Stainless steel: US AISI 304L (opt. 316L)
Models (inner Ø): 156 – 186 – 220 mm
Supplied with O-ring and clamping nut
Panel thickness: up to 13.5 mm
Options: 3 grooves – extended model for armored wall

The glove rings ensure the gloves can be attached in complete safety thanks to the grooves and retaining seals and must ensure optimal ergonomics in the work space constituted by a glove box or a containment enclosure. To this end, it is imperative to respect the center distances usually recommended between two glove rings.

The glove rings are the only means of guaranteeing the best ergonomics, namely easy handling and good accessibility at all points of the workstation. The arrangement of the glove rings can be adapted depending on the operations, experiments and processes to be carried out, the internal instruments, their size but also their moving parts and, finally, the size and weight of the samples and objects which are to be moved in the space.


This equipment can be installed on the following glove box models

Controlled atmosphere glove box for the protection of products < 1PPM H2O – O2

Glove box designed for controlled atmosphere processes < 1PPM H2O – O2

Glove box designed for research and industry for all applications < 1PPM H2O – O2

Modular glove box for gas flushing. Easy to use, low maintenance.

Adjustable glove box under filtered air offering protection for the operator and / or the environment.

Multi-purpose glove box in polymer material: Corian, PMMA, PVC, PE …

High security isolator under neutral gas filtered in depression or overpressure under filtered atmosphere.

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