Lever Door O-ring Ø156

Lever Door O-ring Ø156

Lever Door O-ring Ø156

The lever door seals are mounted on the shutter (lever doors) used to close a glove ring. The seals can be used from the inside or outside of a glove box depending on its use and the protection desired. Seals can be used, depending on the case and application, for the secure replacement of a used glove or to limit the permeation of a glove in a purified glove box volume. A lever door seal must always be slightly greased (vacuum grease) and replaced if it turns out to be defective. A joint in poor condition can harm the proper functioning of the door and potentially call into question the safety of the installation or the current manipulations.


Technical specifications – Information

Technical data:

Joints sold in pairs or bundles
Used to seal metal or polymer doors and mounted on glove/bag rings of interior diameter 156 mm.

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