Ø400 Vacuum Chamber O-rings

Ø400 Vacuum Chamber O-rings

Ø400 Vacuum Chamber O-rings

The 400 mm diameter door seals are mounted on the shutters used to seal the two doors of a transfer vacuum chamber. This airlock, mounted on glove boxes purified under inert gas, is placed under vacuum at each transfer. The quality of the vacuum and of the gas transferred into the glove box will therefore depend on the good condition of the door seals. It is recommended that both door seals be replaced at the same time. A door seal should always be lightly greased (vacuum grease) and replaced if found to be faulty. A seal in poor condition can affect the proper functioning of the door, alter the quality of the vacuum and compromise the integrity of the purity of the glove box.


Technical specifications – Information

Technical data:

Joints sold in batches or in pairs.
Used to seal the doors of mini vacuum chambers with an internal diameter of 400 mm.

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