Rounded corners

Rounded corners

Rounded corners

Rounded corners are a real trademark at Jacomex. With an unequaled finish on the market, the constantly improved design opens up new perspectives in the nuclear, pharmaceutical, research and industrial fields. The exceptional quality of this one-piece design avoids retention zones, improves cleanability and surface decontamination in the most critical sectors such as the nuclear or pharmaceutical industries.


Technical specifications – Information

Technical data:

One-piece stainless-steel design.
Radius of 20, high cleanability.
Additional equipment available in the “Cleanliness” section.

Applied to chemistry, biology, physics and materials science, the “rounded corners” concept secures the workstation, improves working conditions and optimizes all experimental or industrial processes. For powders, micropowders, nanopowders, ceramics and nanoparticles, it is a perfectly adapted design which contributes to good control of internal processes.

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