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For more than 70 years, the industrial manufacturer Jacomex has worked in the design of glove boxes and isolators for the research, pharmaceutical, medical, energy, industrial, and nuclear sectors.

Today, the company offers a varied range of containment solutions for multiple applications in these fields. It also designs tailor-made equipment to adapt to its customer requirements on a national and international scale.


What is Jacomex?


Jacomex is a leading company in the design and manufacture of glove boxes, isolators and purification units in France and worldwide. The company is based in Lyon and has the capability of managing the entire end-to-end project for its clients. It includes a commercial department, a technical department, a design office and a workshop dedicated to the manufacture, assembly and control of its products. It operates worldwide, with a presence in more than 60 countries.

Thanks to many years of experience, but also to the quality and reliability of its standard, modular or custom-made containment enclosures, Jacomex has built a solid reputation on the national and international level. In particular, it supports its clients from the study phase of the project to the delivery and final inspections. Its design office, advisers, technicians perfectly master the questions of sealing and safety on containment enclosures and glove boxes.

As an industrial manufacturer of glove boxes, Jacomex can count on the expertise and know-how of its teams to design standard or personalized solutions adapted to the specific needs and requirements of its customers. It also uses modern manufacturing tools to develop installations using the latest technology and in compliance with current safety standards.

Jacomex Glove Boxes and Isolators


The products designed by the industrial glove box manufacturer Jacomex combine many advantages for users. In particular, the company manufactures glove boxes, purification units and isolators that are ergonomic, easy to handle and quiet. It also offers comprehensive technical support to its clients.

Here is the range of standard, modular and custom-made glove boxes that Jacomex produces:

  • PURESMART: standard and compact purified glove box with controlled atmosphere for academic research, industrial and nuclear applications, controlled atmosphere <1ppm H2O – O2.
  • PUREMOD / PUREEVO: customizable purified glove box that has an autonomous purification unit and is intended for the research, industry, energy and nuclear fields. controlled atmosphere <1ppm H2O – O2.
  • G(Box): modular and customizable glove box for industry and research.
  • G(Mega): modular glove box under a controlled purified atmosphere, characterized by large volumes and usable in production or other industrial applications.
  • G(Safe): tailor-made high security glove box for optimal protection of operators and the environment dedicated to industry, research and nuclear.
  • G(Polym): versatile polymer glove box (standard or tailor-made glove box), suitable for most applications in operator protection or product protection.
  • G(Iso): tailor-made high security isolator in a vacuum or in overpressure, for pharmaceutical and medical applications.

Jacomex, an industrial manufacturer of glove boxes, containment enclosures and isolators, also offers optional safety valves, instruments and various technical equipment to complete your solution. To find out more, entrust the project investigation to the technical team and request a quote.

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