Industrial Containment Enclosure

Industrial Containment Enclosure

How is an industrial containment enclosure designed for industrial applications? This equipment is a glove box designs for use in the industrial sector. It is used to protect manufacturing, packaging operations, experiments and handling of hazardous substances or products by protecting them from contamination.

It can also ensure the protection of operators by protecting them from risks related to manufacturing processes.

Why is an Industrial Process Confined?

An industrial process is a procedure or set of procedures implemented in an industrial setting. These processes are often designed to convert raw materials into finished products, or to transform one finished product into another. They usually involve mechanical, physical or chemical processes, or all three. When the products or materials used are hazardous to humans or the environment, they must be contained.

Industrial containment is a protective device that secures the working environment. It must comply with current safety standards. The glove box has two main functions:

  • Process protection: the glove box confines substances and products that are sensitive to atmospheric conditions (ambient air), so that the process is protected. Examples include 3D printing, the manufacture of oxygen-sensitive fuels, titanium or laser welding, etc.
  • Protection of personnel and the environment: industrial containment isolates substances or products that are hazardous to humans and the environment. Examples: metal or powder powders, cleaning asbestos-contaminated parts, handling chemical compounds or radioactive elements, etc.

The use of a glovebox as a containment system ensures optimum protection during industrial applications. The structure is generally made of stainless steel, with transparent sides to which gloves can be attached.

Our installations come with the following guarantees:

  • Our containments are classified as category 1-2 according to ISO 10648-2;
  • Static leak testing (down to -1000Pa);
  • Operator-adjustable vacuum operating mode down to -350Pa for enclosures used for hazardous substances;
  • Pressure regulating valves (optional) for regulating and maintaining vacuum in enclosures used for hazardous substances;
  • Mechanical safety valves (option) with safety flow rate in the event of containment failure.

Design of a Containment System


The use of a glove box as a containment is the guarantee of optimal protection during industrial applications. It is generally made of stainless steel and has transparent sides to where handling gloves are attached. Thus, operator have access to the protected area while remaining outside. The internal conditions of a glove box can be adjusted and controlled. In order to maintain the containment, it also has a communication system through which are conveyed the products to be handled, the elements to be protected, the parts to be assembled and the instruments to be used. It also incorporates a safety system that is automatically triggered in case of leaks or anomalies.

How to choose a glove box?


G(Mega) Glove Box: The Jacomex Solution


The G(Mega) is the containment enclosure that Jacomex, the world leader in the design and manufacture of glove boxes and isolators, offers to the industrial sector. This glove box is capable of meeting different containment criteria in relation to the risks presented by the processes. The G(Mega) complies with the safety standards applicable in many sectors.

Why should you choose the Jacomex G(Mega)? In addition to its high level of safety, this glove box has virtually no limits on the volumes that can be reached and is fully modular. It is a large size model, perfectly adapted to industrial processes and compatible with ultra-pure gaseous atmospheres. You can customize its accessories, choose its components, and its modularity allows retrofitting, extensions and relocation of installations, etc. It is an industrial containment enclosure, ideal for operations such as 3D printing, various medical processes, robotized welding, welding and aeronautic construction, assembly line hooding, etc.

Jacomex: the PureEvo Glove Box

The PureEvo is widely used in industry and research, particularly for elaborate to complex applications requiring a controlled atmosphere. In our Pure range, the PureEvo is the premium purified glove box. It offers great design flexibility, and can be entirely custom-built. It features a range of equipment, including a 21 m3/h double-stage vacuum pump, a transfer airlock with automatic cycle, a stand-alone purification unit, O2 and/or H2O analyzers, a single-line purification unit with automatic regeneration, and automatic pressure regulation without a vacuum pump.

The PureEvo can support you in all stages of preparation, characterization and production of materials in a pure atmosphere, whether at the pilot or development stage. Its great flexibility enables you to integrate equipment and machines. It is available as a double or single-sided workstation, custom-built or as a standard module.

Jacomex, A Reference in Industrial Containment Systems

Jacomex has been a benchmark in the development and supply of industrial containment systems for 75 years. Jacomex has never ceased to innovate in order to provide equipment tailored to each application.

Our purification units and glove boxes for industry are entirely developed and manufactured in Lyon. We have sold and installed our equipment in over 60 countries, in fields as varied as nuclear power, research, pharmaceuticals, medical, additive manufacturing, energy and organic electronics.

We work to the standards specific to each field of application, and invest in research and development to bring you the latest innovations.

Don’t hesitate to contact us: our experts are here to answer your needs.

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