Vacuum clean room equipment

PUREEVO Glove Box - Premium Custom Range

Vacuum nuclear room equipment is designed to provide a safe and controlled environment for the handling of radioactive materials and other hazardous substances.

A controlled pressure room, with its safety equipment, provides an environment that ensures optimum protection for operators and the environment.

Installation of vacuum nuclear room equipment

The installation and maintenance of nuclear room equipment is a complex process, requiring specialist knowledge and skills. A team of experienced professionals must be engaged to carry out this work. For installation, it is necessary to ensure that safety protocols are followed.

Proper maintenance also requires regular inspection and testing to ensure that all systems are safe and operational. Training is also essential for operators to ensure that they understand the correct use of nuclear room equipment and the associated safety rules.

These facilities are designed to prevent the dispersion of radioactive particles by maintaining a high level of cleanliness and environmental control, including the use of air filters, negative pressure cascades and containment systems to provide containment in the event of micro-leaks.

Nuclear rooms are operational in various fields related to the nuclear industry, such as :

  • Research and development of nuclear technologies, such as the manufacture of materials and components for nuclear reactors,
  • Production of radioisotopes for medical, industrial and scientific applications,
  • Handling radioactive materials for physics studies,
  • Decontamination and dismantling of nuclear equipment and facilities,
  • Maintenance and repairs of nuclear equipment,
  • Analysis of samples for monitoring and measuring radioactivity.

Nuclear glove box: a vacuum room in a confined space

To avoid a complex and costly installation, you can use one or more nuclear glove boxes for nuclear research and/or your manufacturing process.

Indeed, glove boxes allow users to protect the direct environment of the products but also the operators who use gloves for handling.

Jacomex equipment

Jacomex has developed different models of equipment, especially glove boxes, for installation in controlled areas. These are equipped with a safety configuration adapted to each project. For nuclear systems, these models are very suitable, especially for those operating under vacuum.

In general, equipment can accompany these containment solutions, such as specific impregnated activated carbon filters, nuclear grade HEPA particulate filters, biological protection and shielding, and Jacomex safety and control valves.

Jacomex glove boxes

A complete range of custom-made glove boxes has been designed for the nuclear sector and nuclear medicine. The range incorporates equipment such as activated carbon filters with specific impregnation, nuclear class HEPA particulate filters, biological protection and shielding as well as Jacomex safety and control valves.

Glove Boxes for Nuclear Medicine

During bio-pharmaceutical and antiviral therapy processes, cytotoxic agents can be contained in Jacomex glove boxes and nuclear containment vessels. The latter are also used in the compounding of drugs. They protect operators and technicians from hazardous compounds and ensure that sterility assurance levels of pharmaceutical products are maintained.

PureEvo glove box

The PureEvo is designed for applications requiring both a controlled atmosphere and operator protection. It incorporates a transfer airlock with integrated pumping system, with automatic cycle, automatic pressure regulation without a vacuum pump. It also includes a self-contained purification system, O2 and/or H2O analysers and an automatically regenerating purification block.

G(Safe) high security glove box

The G(Safe) glove box is designed for the nuclear sector for enhanced protection of the operator and the environment while operating under vacuum. A safety valve (or control and safety valve) allows the work area to be automatically maintained under vacuum.

Versatile G(Polym) glove box

The G(Polym) is used for general purpose applications to protect products and operators. Made from polymeric materials, it has high chemical resistance and antibacterial properties. For nuclear and biological applications, it is ideal. Equipment incorporating G(Polym) includes valves, HEPA filters and sensors.

Jacomex containment systems are validated and qualified to the following standards

  • The EN 60439-1 standard: CE self-certification;
  • ISO 9001 standard for TÜV ISO 9001:2015 certification;
  • ISO 10648-2: Methods and classification of containment systems, glove boxes and isolators according to their leakage rate.

Jacomex your expert in nuclear containment

Jacomex is a recognised and leading designer in the nuclear sector, offering customised containment systems and equipment such as safety and control valves. We have a privileged relationship with the main players in the national and international nuclear industry. With more than seven decades of experience, we will co-create systems with you that are compatible with all your applications requiring maximum protection of operators and the environment. From our site in Lyon, our design office develops tailor-made installations that can be configured according to the needs of each application.

We offer you the highest quality 304L or 316L stainless steel housings, with impeccable surface roughness, careful welding, an exceptional finish, carefully designed decontaminability, and ISO 10648-2 class 1 or 2 certified tightness.


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