Battery testers for Glove Box

Battery Testers



  • Potentiostats and cyclers are among the tools used in research and development dedicated to energy storage in electrochemical form (eg lithium batteries, supercapacitors, microbatteries …).

Technical Specifications

Technical specifications of Battery testers:

Assembled devices (button cells, cells, pocket cells, etc.) assembled in JACOMEX argon glove boxes are connected to the testers for electrochemical measurements and to quantify the evolution of their performances.



This equipment can be installed on the following glove box models

Modular glove box with autonomous purification unit <1PPM H2O – O2

Compact purified glove box <1PPM H2O – O2 for research and industry

Modular glove box in gas scavenging. Easy to use, low maintenance.

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