Docking vacuum chambers

Docking vacuum chambers

The disconnectable or docking vacuum chamber is an airlock used as a transport box and vacuum airlock. It is particularly useful when samples must be transferred, under high purity conditions, from one glove box to another when the glove boxes are not necessarily located in the same room.

The disconnectable airlock is used in the same way as a traditional transfer vacuum airlock. It is fitted with a three-way valve for vacuuming or filling the connected glove box with gas. The system can be used on all our glove boxes under controlled atmosphere (nitrogen, argon, helium) and purified glove boxes as long as they are equipped with our special flange which allows for the docking of the airlock. Operation is secure and opening the glove box door is impossible until an airlock is connected.


Technical specifications – Information

Technical data:

Airlock: US AISI 304L stainless steel
Doors: aluminum alloy
Dimensions: Ø 150 – Ø 250 mm length 400 mm
Manovacuometer and three-way valve
Carry handle
Leak rate < 10-5 mbar.l/s

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