Loads for activated carbon traps

Loads for activated carbon traps

Loads for activated carbon traps

Activated carbon is ideal for the adsorption of solvents and VOCs in pure gases. For controlled atmosphere processes using volatile organic compounds, it is essential to fit a Jacomex solvent trap at the glove box outlet in order to effectively protect the loads from the H2O and O2 purifiers. For operations using large quantities of solvents, it is recommended to provide a parallel VOC analyzer to check the effectiveness of the load. A load of activated carbon must be replaced as a preventive measure, generally at least once a year. The frequency of replacing a load varies depending on the use of the glove box.


Technical specifications – Information

Technical data:

Packaging in bags of xxx KG.
Consumable load.
In stock for old models and new models of disconnectable solvent traps.
Specific impregnation on request for acids and toxic gases (contact us).

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