Molecular sieve loads

Loads for molecular sieve solvent traps

Molecular sieve loads

The molecular sieve enables the elimination of H2O in pure gases. Jacomex offers different types of gas purifiers whose load capacities vary according to their design. The company offers no less than 3 single-line purification unit models, dual-line and multi-line models. It is necessary to refer to the user manual or contact our after-sales service to find out the quantity of load required for your unit. Charges should be replaced after several years of operation/regeneration cycles. The frequency of replacing a load varies depending on the use of the glove box.


Technical specifications – Information

Technical data:

Packaging in bags of xxx KG.
Regenerative load with neutral gas.
In stock for old models of purifiers and new PURE range.
Molecular sieves are also used in our regenerable solvent traps.

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