UV Protection for Glove Boxes

UV Protection

Standard panels provide good visibility of the handling space and contribute to the essential sealing of glove boxes. Special panels and over-panels complete the range and secure academic and industrial processes.

Thus, the UV protection panel, which comes in an orange tint, retains a high light transmission index but filters white light. It is essential for applications in semiconductors, clean rooms, manufacturing and characterization of organic devices (OLED, OPV, OCS perovskite, etc.). In the pharmaceutical sector it avoids the deterioration of compounds sensitive to ambient light.


Technical Specifications

Technical specifications of the UV Protection:

Protection of UV-sensitive compounds and samples.
Elimination of stray light for development in organic electronics.
Light transmission <5% for wavelengths from 250 to 570nm.
Comes in standard and custom sizes.


This equipment can be installed on the following glove box models

Glove box designed for research and industry for all applications < 1PPM H2O – O2

Glove box designed for controlled atmosphere processes < 1PPM H2O – O2

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