PLC Touchscreens

PLC Touchscreens

PLC Touchscreens

A touch screen is an essential HCI on glove boxes equipped with a gas purification unit. The colour interface ensures the permanent control of critical values ​​(H2O, O2, Pressure, temperature) and continuously records this exportable data as well as allowing the configuration of essential operations and alarms. Jacomex has trusted Eaton for years with its American technology and screens made in Germany offering great flexibility adapted to glove boxes for the Industry and Research sectors. Touch screens offer a very long lifespan provided certain precautions are taken: no mechanical or thermal shock, no prolonged exposure to a corrosive atmosphere, no successive or repeated (micro)power cuts.


Technical specifications – Information

Technical data:

Available in different sizes according to models:


GP-campus: 5” color touchpanel
GP[concept]: 7” color touchpanel
PUREsmart – PUREmod: 7’’ HD touchpanel
PUREEVO: 10’’ HD touch panel


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