HEPA H13 50m3/h filter (closed)

HEPA H13 50m3/h filter (closed)

HEPA H13 50m3/h filter (closed)

HEPA filters are mounted on glove boxes for various applications: designed to trap dangerous particles and protect operators, they are also used to reduce the rate of particles in a controlled environment.

  • Used to trap fine particles, dust, smoke, bacteria, aerosols.
  • Mounted on nuclear installations in double filtration and tested according to the Uranin method, they ensure safety and effectively trap the contaminating particles.
  • Used in the pharmaceutical sector and other sectors with dangerous processes, they guarantee the confinement of toxic microparticles and protect the operator and the environment.
  • Used in advanced research in chemistry, physics and biology, they avoid the spread and contamination of samples by unwanted particles.


Technical specifications – Information

Technical data:

“Closed” 50m3/h filter (also come in “open” type).
Mounted on the main ventilation circuit of an air glove box with outdoor extraction.
99.993% MPPS efficiency for particles at 0.3µm in accordance with the EN1822-1 standard.
Also available in “open” 50m3/h version.

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