HEPA Filter for Glove Boxes and Isolators

HEPA filter for glove box



  • Trapping and filtering fine particles, dust, fumes, bacteria, and aerosols.
  • Used in nuclear industry, pharmaceutical industry and all sectors with hazardous processes, they ensure the containment of contaminating or toxic microparticles and protect the operator and the surrounding environment.
  • Used in advanced research and nanoscience, they avoid the spread and contamination of unwanted particles.

Technical Specifications

Technical specifications of a HEPA filter for glove box and isolator:

Different types and sizes available.
H13 filters for ventilation circuits, fluid circuits and instrument protection,
H14 filters for enhanced efficiency complying with the EN 1822 standard.


This equipment can be installed on the following glove box models

Controlled atmosphere glove box for the protection of products < 1PPM H2O – O2

Glove box designed for controlled atmosphere processes < 1PPM H2O – O2

Glove box designed for research and industry for all applications < 1PPM H2O – O2

Large volume glove box under controlled purified atmosphere.

Adjustable glove box under filtered air for protection of the operator and / or the environment.

Multi-purpose glove box in polymer material: Corian, PMMA, PVC, PE …

Modular glove box for gas flushing. Easy to use, low maintenance.

High security isolator under neutral gas filtered in depression or overpressure under filtered atmosphere.

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