Safety airlock doors

Safety airlock doors

Vacuum airlocks mounted on controlled atmosphere installations (nitrogen, argon, helium) and purified glove boxes can be equipped with security doors. The option is offered in particular for our Ø 400 mm vacuum airlock; it is a very interesting option when the experiments, processes, materials must be secured against any accidental pollution or when the workspace containing hazardous materials must be secured, minimizing the risk of breach of containment.

Our systems initially prevent any accidental simultaneous opening of the two doors, and secondly any interior door opening as long as the airlock is under air and as long as no vacuum cycle has been started.

Depending on the operating system, manual with capstan or automatic pneumatic, the airlock can be completed with an electronic gauge or a Pirani gauge for precise measurement of the vacuum as well as display transfer on the control touch screen.


Technical specifications – Information

Technical data:

Secures transfers and purity of the workspace
Manual unlocking by capstan or automatic with foot control
High cleanability and decontamination potential on automatic doors
Limit switches

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